Five talks to catch up on from The Conference, Sweden

So.. 'The Conference' is this amazing (no, really... AMAZING) event that happens each year in Malmo, Sweden. I came across it through a couple of friends - Lauren Anderson and Fabian Stelzer - who've spoken there in recent years. Lauren was lucky enough to go back as a participant this year, and filled me in on the incredible experience she had. 

We've collected some of the best images from across social media as a case study on the fabulous curation and experience design that the team at The Conference have done such a beautiful job of. Have a look at our Storify here.

Luckily, all the talks are also online, so you can catch up in your own time and (sort of) feel like you were there. So here are our top five.

1. Jill Nussbaum - Barbarian Group

The Craft of Storytelling (Storytelling stream)

Designer Jill Nussbaum takes a closer look at storytelling from a design perspective and discusses how stories can be a framework to help imagine the future of products and services. In this talk she coins the term "design fiction" - a kind of idea prototyping, will help to inspire and imagine the future.

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2. Ed Cooke - founder of Memrise

An Hour on Time (Time stream)

Memrise is an online learning platform that crowd sources mnemonic devices and memory tricks to provide powerful memory training. Memory techniques teach us how to use our imagination to store information more powerfully, making our memories last longer. Ed explains that he himself is a Grand Master of Memory. 

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3. Erin Moore - UX Design at Twitter

'Don't underestimate what one second can do' (Time stream)

Erin Moore of Twitter speaks from her experiences in UX design, concluding that in order to design for time, we need to design for efficiency, simplicity, access and delight.

Designers are the new clockmakers, and we need to make sure that the seconds we design for actually matters.

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4. Masakazu Takasu - technical evangelist at teamLab

Masakazu takes us on a journey through Japan's unique methods of combining of using technology, design and science. teamLab combines these disciplines to create innovative digital solutions often with physical elements of interaction. He demonstrates this attitude to play and experimentation with a prototype of cat ears that respond to the wearer's brain waves.

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See the ears road tested below!

5. Juliana Rotich - Ushahidi

"It is in sharing that we create value" (New Technologies stream)

Out of the need for better media coverage, Ushahidi was born. Co-founder Juliana Rotich explains why this new technology is a dooropener to create a more transparent and better world – not only in Africa, but also on a global scale.

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Juliana Rotich from Ushahidi 

Juliana Rotich from Ushahidi