The Do Lectures

do lectures wildwon giving chair

Here at Wildwon we are intimately aware that an incredible experience can transform someone's life.

That's why, as part of our partnership with Do Lectures, we're giving one incredible DOer the opportunity to attend the first ever Do Lectures Australia.

I first heard about the Do Lectures while living in the UK - a mysterious, magical and AMAZING club that some had the luck to be part of. They were later voted as one of the top ten ideas festivals in the world (by the Guardian UK) along with TED, South by Southwest and Burning Man. More recently I learned of all the incredible things achieved by those who had once attended the Do Lectures, and I realised something very special was happening there.

We know that the Do Lectures is an immersive and highly curated experience well worth the $3000 price tag. But we also know first hand that those with the greatest ideas aren't necessarily the same people who can afford this ticket price.

So we decided to give one person with a seriously clever idea, who otherwise couldn't afford to go, the chance to be there by sponsoring a Giving Chair.

To apply to sit in the Wildwon Giving Chair, you just need to create a 2 minute video telling us about your idea and why you should be there - learn more and apply here.

This is part of our ongoing effort to become a net positive company through our impact on other people (among other things) and support a culture of social entrepreneurship and DOing in everyone - especially those with brilliant ideas!

PS the deadline for application has been extended to Sunday 13 April 2014.