Experience = Change

theodore roosevelt john muir positive change nature

In 1903, then President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt was taken camping by his friend John Muir (both pictured above).

For three days and three night they walked, rode and slept in the mountains of the Yosemite Valley.

On his return to Washington, Roosevelt created 150 National Parks, 50 wildlife reserves and protected over 80 million acres of wilderness for future generations. The course of history was changed because a transformational moment was had by Roosevelt.

Imagine if more people could experience transformational experiences in their lives, changing the way people make decisions, their attitude towards challenges and they way they live their lives.  

At Wildwon, we design experiences and environments where a-ha moments are more likely to take place. We also know that positive social experiences are more likely to lead to lasting and deeper change in behaviour, culture and mindsets.

We design the kind of experiences that all want to be part of, yet they also bring about deep thought, deep connections, lasting change and motivation. Say hi if you'd like to work with us.

Now, if only all of our leaders could have a Teddy Roosevelt moment.

This inspirational story about Theodore Roosevelt came via the Natural Change Foundation.