The Art of the Hustle: The Entrepreneur’s secret weapon

Not so long ago now, we were talking in the office about all the awesome creative entrepreneurs around us, and how those who are particularly excellent at doing this kind of work all possess an elusive key ingredient: hustle.

Like this guy.

And this lady.

And this crew.

I’m not talking about the “hustler” hustle. (Scamming anyone who looks naive enough to be an easy prospect - although, you can’t deny that the kind of confidence it takes to pull this off can definitely be an advantage in business - but it isn’t how we do things at Wildwon.)

The kind of hustle we’re talking about is the willingness to do what needs to be done, for as long as you need to until you reach your goal. Working your ass off while your competition kicks back. The patience and persistence that forces you to do what you have to until you have it figured out, checked off, perfected and you’ve got that next big win in the bag.

This kind of hustle has no room for excuses, complacency, discomfort or feeling sorry for yourself.

It is the take-no-prisoners passion and grit that overcomes obstacles and gets you to where you want to be.

Someone with hustle is smart, strategic, driven, refuses to take no for an answer, and is determined to find a better way to do things. In fact, the idea of doing what’s always been done just because that’s the way things are seems like genuine madness to someone who hustles. They see what they want to achieve and know that because they’re willing to do the work they can make it happen. They also know that their willingness to dig in and hustle is the only thing that separates them from every other person with a big dream that will never be realised.

The thing about someone who hustles is - this is rarely the same person who is the best at what they do, but someone with hustle will always get further than someone who is naturally talented, intelligent or otherwise lucky. Hustle goes further than luck or natural ability, and it is the worst enemy of someone who wants to walk the well trodden path. It is rarely found in people who watch a lot of TV, just sayin’.

Hustle is not often found in someone who wants comfort. It is not for people who are scared to take risks. Hustle comes with risk, and risk and comfort are rarely found in the same place.

As any gambler will tell you though, you have to gamble big to win big. The potential wins from being a hustler, taking a risk and potentially reaching your goal are huge - and in an early stage business, willingness to hustle and go that extra mile is one of the surest indicators of success.

“Good things come to those who hustle.”

So you want big things? You’ve got dream and ambition? You want to create something?

Ultimately it is up to you. So go do it. Hustle.