Wildwon's Gif Box

What is the Gif Box?

Everyone loves a photo booth at a party.

Now imagine a photo booth where the photos are projected up onto the wall as they are taken.

NOW imagine if those photos were not stills but animated gifs - with party photos brought to life in a loop of images and party-goers having their very own gif to share.

See what this looks like

How the.. / Why the.. ?

At 2012's Reel Food Nights, we created the first ever instagram booth with photos projected live onto the wall via Statigram.  When we discovered that we could make our own gifs using the Gif Shop app, it was a natural evolution and we couldn't wait to do it!

An opportunity came up at the Hub Sydney Opening Party. With a simple hack:
iPhone > Gif Shop > Tumblr > data projector, a makeshift Gif Box built by Qu Faraday of Urban Love Sydney, and a costume box via Jurassic Lounge generosity, we had ourselves a Gif Box.

It was a total hit at the party (you can see a Tumblr with some of the gifs created here). 

Can I try? 

To see the latest iteration of the Gif Box in action, come along to Jurassic Lounge’s Film and Photography Night THIS TUESDAY 10 SEPTEMBER. Tickets are only $16 (+booking fee) at http://bit.ly/ticketosaurus.


The theme for the season is extinction and for Tuesday night: photography & film.