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Slow food values in a fast food world

Alice Waters: Slow food values in a fast food world

12 November 2014

Sydney Opera House

Throughout the world, urbanisation is accelerating, and industrial fast food continues to spread putting our health, environment and culture at risk.

Meanwhile, we think about food more than ever. We are buying more organic food and creating kitchen gardens wherever we can. With these contradictory trends on a collision course, which will prevail? Will good food become an unaffordable luxury, or can we preserve enough of our traditional food and farming cultures to keep industrial processed food at bay?

Food revolutionary Alice Waters pioneered the support of sustainable locally grown food at her legendary restaurant Chez Panisse and created the Edible Schoolyard Project to teach children about growing, cooking and eating real food. With her advocacy of a food economy that is “ good, clean and fair’ and her support of the slow food movement, she has become a symbol of efforts to create a sustainable and celebratory food culture. Alice was named this year both one of Time’s 100 Most influential people and the Wall Street Journal’s Innovator of the Year.

Alice Waters’ Slow Food Values in a Fast Food World is the first Carnegie Conversations event.

Carnegie Conversations is a new series designed to present leading local and international thinkers discussing key contemporary social and cultural issues. 
The Sydney Opera House and M.H. Carnegie & Co have undertaken a three-year partnership to deliver eight Carnegie Conversations each year. The series will be curated and produced as part of the Opera House’s year-round Ideas at the House program.