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Carnival of the Bold

  • York Theatre, Seymour Centre City Rd Chippendale, NSW, 2008 Australia (map)

Artists bring interesting and unique perspectives to the mix, and engage audiences in new and different ways. They can strongly influence the way the world frames or feels about salient issues; a power not fully harnessed. 
Carnival of the Bold aims to be an enabling force for social change - calling on artists to take leadership and for everyone to participate and live with greater humanity. It celebrates artists who have used their art to enrich our cultural identity, explore shared values, spark imagination and empower communities. Through Carnival of the Bold, we aspire to find new ways, new ideas and new narratives that will shape our world and future.

This event is part of Vivid Sydney and the Great Ideas Performance Series 2016 at Seymour Centre.

For tickets and more info, head here.

Image source: Carnival of the Bold