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The Ethics of Online Dating

Some may post an old photo of their hotter, younger selves. Others only want to date a sitar-strumming university grad from Asia. Some people just want sex.

By ticking certain boxes on online dating sites, are people being too rigid? Are they spoiling the ability for love to transgress all cultural and social boundaries? What about those harsh rejections and sleazy photos? People rarely behave like that in real life. And what does it mean if behind the scenes, no matter what someone writes in their profile, it is actually software systems that determines a match?

From Grindr to OKCupid, to lies about height and marital status, online dating is transforming the way people find partners and lovers. But it's also raising a world of ethical questions about how people portray themselves, their values, who they want and how much they should trust in technology.

Join our panel as they analyse the ethics operating in the exciting and unpredictable realm of online dating.

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