Sally Hill
Co-founder and Impact Director
A long-time sustainability advocate, Sally has a vast knowledge of sustainable and responsible business and digital communications. After working in environmental and human rights advocacy, corporate social responsibility and sustainability, Sally, along with Yvonne, decided to start their own B Corp certified company: the meaningful experience agency, Wildwon. Sally regularly speaks about sustainability, entrepreneurship, community-building and experience as a catalyst for social change. She’s a super-connector – like an extension board that never switches off. Sally’s always making introductions and always up for a hearty conversation, preferably over a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine. Sally has carefully curated the program for Purpose, and can't wait to see her equivalent of a fantasy football team – well, fantasy sustainability team – come to life. She’s passionate about rewilding and believes that we are all (herself included) happiest and most inspired when we’re outdoors and interacting with the natural world.

Sally’s favourite wild place: a big rocky climb through the bush, with a view at the top and a river at the bottom. Twitter: @sallyrhill

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Anna Langdon
In-house artist and experience designer
Anna is the bringer of panache, the arbiter of je ne sais quoi, the speaker of foreign concepts and far-fetched ideas – and we absolutely love having her as part of our design team. After a short but illustrious career in fashion design, Anna decided the fast and furious world of ‘farshun’ wasn't for her, and returned to uni to teach and study a Master of Design. Now, she's our in-house expert in speculative design, experience design and best of all, she actually makes stuff. Yes, she has a pair of golden hands – she's a maker, a fabricator, a sculptor – who can take something from an idea in your head or sketch on paper and turn it into a real world object or installation. When it comes to Purpose, she’s dreaming up street activations, beautiful installations and all of the magical touches that our guests will get to discover. Anna has a penchant for Australian wildlife: birds, flowers and marsupials that comes through in her work.

Anna’s favourite wild place: camping on the east coast in rugged Aussie bush, having a morning swim and then cooking eggs over the campfire.

Nikki Gravning
Partnerships lead
Nikki moved to Sydney this year looking for adventure and purpose, and found a home with us at Wildwon. Nikki has years of experience in partnership collaborations and firmly believes in lasting partnerships where the concept “1 + 1 = 3” becomes a reality. If you are a partner or sponsor at Purpose, you’ll be lucky enough to have Nikki looking after you. She is responsible for bringing partners on board that are aligned in mission and vision, whether they’re B Corps, social enterprises, start-ups, corporates or SMEs. With a Kiwi Norwegian background, Nikki grew up in Oslo and studied International Relations and Management at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. She’s worked in Switzerland, Spain, New Zealand and spent 5 years in London. When she is not running between meetings, you can find Nikki meditating on Bondi Beach at sunrise, trialling the latest fitness craze and eating her way through Sydney’s health hot spots.

Nikki’s favourite wild place: trekking the fairytale-like Norwegian forests in fall with her Dad while contemplating what to cook for Sunday dinner.

Gillian Moran
Creative Lead
Gillian is Wildwon’s Creative Lead. A multidisciplinary designer, she’ll put her handiwork wherever, and on whatever you’ll allow her to. From spending an unhealthy amount of time tinkering with MS paint, to starting a roaring trade selling Spice Girls caricatures in the school yard for $1 - it was apparent from a young age that design was her calling. After learning the ropes in a small boutique studio, she transitioned into the shiny world of advertising where she got her first taste of experience design - a taste so delicious it would later lead her to Wildwon. A hard worker and a stickler for the old adage ‘the devil is in the detail’, she’ll notice if your layouts are a pixel out from a mile away. She lives and breathes all things design, and has even been known to keep her wardrobe on ‘style guide’ for her favorite clients.

Gil's favourite wild place: The serenity of the NSW South Coast, with a seashell to my ear and the sand between my toes.

Lauren Anseline
Experience Designer
Lauren has worn many hats, having worked across branding, fashion, photography, visual, and experiential design. Having knitted all these hats together and found that it looked rather odd, she decided to add a large feather to it in the form of a Masters of Design Anthropology where she learnt the value of shared and tangible human experiences. After freelancing her brain around, she landed at Wildwon, where she produces graphics, creative assets and designed collateral. She also lends a hand in researching and developing personas, and creating experience timelines. Lauren’s research, planning and design-process centres around the needs, wants and context of the end-user which often leads to her favourite question of "But will it make their life better?"

Lauren's favourite wild place: in my garden with dirt on my hands and plants growing at my feet.

Laura Carroll
Senior Producer
Rebecca Pettit
Associate Producer
Yvette Mahon
Creative Services Manager
Sarah Calver
New Business & Partnerships Lead