Be memorable

- We’re welcomed and included to the point of.. ‘wow’

- Our time and attention spans - are valued

- The surprises are delightfully stumbled upon

- We’re human. Appeal to us via stories, our senses, good conversation, creativity, music and food.


Things start here

- Create collisions between people and ideas

- This could be the start of something big

- Unlock the potential in me and my organisation

- Show me that I already have everything need to start


Solving real world problems

- Link is about solving real world problems, not first world problems

- Using our hands is as important as using our heads

- Connect us with what we’re designing for

- Solving real world problems starts with real world connections


We are humans first

- We’re a new generation of professionals who want to use our powers for good

- A community professionals who haven't forgotten they're human

- Link is for those who already think differently and are ready to act differently


Achieving impact while treading lightly

- Heavyweight impact (and partners)

- Lightweight operations (think and act lean)

- Featherweight footprint (tread lightly on the planet)