Earthmoji: a sign of life in the digital age

At political rallies and in the media, eye-catching, witty (or punny) and cut-through placards are a form of social capital. 

And if you're between the ages of 15 and 35, or maybe just a human who used a smart phone, you'll know that emoji are integral to social interaction.

So when Naresh Ramchandani and team showed up at the People's Climate March in London in March 2015 with 'Earthmoji' placards communicating the sentiment of the crowd, they captured the world's attention, and certainly that of people who equate environmental destruction with their emotions, and express their emotions via emoji.

A symbol of human solidarity the almost universal language of emoji, and a heartening sign that even in a digital age, we still care deeply about the real world around us - we think Earthmoji is a triumph of design and climate change communication.

via Do The Green Thing and Pentagram Design