Bi at the Sydney launch of B Corps in Australia

Bi at the Sydney launch of B Corps in Australia

Around six months ago we were introduce to a wonderful human being by the name of Benedetta Nissotti. And about two weeks after that, 'Bi', as we've come to know her, joined our team - and we're extremely glad she did.

Benedetta is a gifted producer and communicator with brilliant ideas, killer taste (!) and an amazing way with people. We feel lucky to have her extensive experience and contagious making our projects even more awesome.

She's also passionate about ocean conservation, volunteering with Sea Shepherd Australia and managing an online community 'Be Blue for the Oceans' (which you can find on Facebook and instagram). 

From Yvonne Lee: the 'three things that stood out' when we met Benedetta were:

1. Her passion backed up by hard work

"It really struck me that she wasn't your standard variety of enthusiastic, she was passionate but clearly backed it up with hard work"

2. Her strong sense of ethics 

"Bi makes me question my choices and having travelled with her, she challenges me on a daily basis to live my values - which is a good thing."

3. Her attitude to new things

"Bi is a super fast learner, but even more importantly her attitude that everything can be figured out and nothing is unachievable."

So you can see why she was a great fit.

Not to mention we've also benefitted from a delicious dose of Italian culture, food and a delightful accent since she's been with us!

Welcome to the team Benedetta and we look forward to doing some amazing things together.

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