Sustainable Styling for The Royal Agricultural Society's President's Medal 2013

We usually work on the end-to-end design and production of experiences and events. So a sustainable styling project was a first for us - but it couldn't have gone better!

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW came to us and asked us to theme their event.: the awards night for the 2013 President's Medal. The President's Medal is the highest prize in Sydney Royal's Fine Food, Dairy and Wine competitions and incorporates sustainability criteria into the judging. All the producers who were named as finalists had fantastic stories around thoughtful and sustainable production.

RAS brief to us for the theming was to invoke a 'celebration of the seasons' . We flagged that any attempt to source and display produce from all seasons would mean that most of it was not  currently be in season and so would be inherently unsustainable.

We pulled together a team which included the fantastic flower experts James and Charlotte from Merrymount (check them out on instagram) as well as friends and volunteers. 

With the help of a crowd we created a hanging floral installation, dressed the dining tables and entrance way, and created displays for the winning and finalist produce. All using only sustainable (that is: seasonal, native, foraged & local) flowers, foods and foliage!

Finally, we redistributed many of the flowers and decorations to a nearby hospital so they didn't end up in the bin like they do after so many events.

Below is a timelapse of our work over 2 and a half days. 

Music: 'I Know You Rider' - Chairs
Timelapse video production: Louise Pow