Conferences with purpose in 2013. 6 of the best with great content available online

Conferences with Purpose in 2013. 6 of the best with great content available online

There has been an abundance of exciting events this year that have not only been high production value, all-bells-and-whistles, conferences - but have also provided content with depth, meaning and practical use for those working to make a better world. The best thing about these events, of course, is that they have created a wealth of beautiful content and shared it online. We hope this guide provides a great way to structure your diet of great, meaningful content over the break and into the new year. Click on the images below to access the collections.

Meaning 2013

Meaning 2013 is the brainchild of NixonMcInnes (check out their amazing work on 'purposeful digital transformation' here) and is a conference dedicated to 'better 21st century business'. For me, a highlight of this video set was hearing from Umair Haque, author of 'A New Capitalist Manifesto' - a living legend. Meaning took place in Brighton, UK. This is a must-watch for any ethical business enthusiasts like us!

Progress 2013

Progress 2013 was held in Melbourne, Australia and brought together leaders and experts from the entire country's not-for-profit and campaigning sectors for the first time to talk about the future. International keynote from Richard Wilkinson kicked off an incredible two days. This video set provides invaluable resources for advocacy, campaign strategy and leaders of organisations and movements. If you just want a taste, watch the wrap video here. Full disclosure: Wildwon produced this event with the Centre for Australian Progress!

Sustainable Brands 2013

Taking place in San Diego, California, Sustainable Brands 2013 was for major brands and companies who are working to make their products more sustainable, and align their image with this purpose. The conversation was cutting edge and refreshingly realistic about the moral imperative that big brands have to clean up their act. 

Sustainable Brands 2013.png

Amplify 2013

Amplify Festival is run by AMP financial services here in Sydney, Australia. Disclaimer: again, Wildwon worked on elements of this event. The event if the product of the hard work and clever thinking of the inimitable Annalie Killian (@MaverickWoman) who has been driving the innovation (social and technological) and sustainability agenda at AMP forward for many years. A highlight for us was Jason Pontin's mega-trend forecasting.

The Future of Storytelling 2013

Future of Storytelling is probably the slickest event included in this list, and most corporate-facing apart from AMP. Including this alongside some conferences that have a meaningful purpose at their core was tricky, as this conference mainly faces the advertising, creative communications and technology industries. Still, it brought together the best in the world, and there is a lot that can be learned here from the very best at producing beautiful, poignant and engaging content. It's up to us whether we use these powers for good or evil ; )

The Do Lectures

I first heard about the Do Lectures from two incredible friends while living in England- a speaker at the lectures Andy Middleton and participant Giles Hutchins. I heard that it took place at various remote locations - famously in the beautiful countryside of Wales. It seemed like an elusive but incredible club for very special people - and still has this rather lovely reputation. Check out the Do Lectures Flickr account to get a sense of just how special these events are. Looking at their website just now did I notice the Do Lectures are coming to Australia next April (woah!). Watch for a taste of what's to come.