Wildwon is a end-to-end experience design agency with extensive expertise working across brand, digital, and real world event experiences.

Our unique approach is informed by human-centred design methodologies and ensures every touch point with audiences is a remarkable and meaningful one.

We place our purpose at the centre of our business model where it informs everything we do. We are a certified B Corp (Benefit Corporation), with a focus on projects which build community, have a positive social and environmental impact and ultimately influence social change. 

The philosophy at our heart, plus our unique approach, means Wildwon projects create deep engagement with audiences and are a step above those produced by others in Australia.

Everything we do is informed by a human-centred design approach and hinges around experience.

The Wildwon Team

Sally Hill

Sally Hill

managing Director

A long-time sustainability advocate, Sally has a vast knowledge of sustainable and responsible business and digital communications. After working as a campaigner on environmental and social justice, Sally, along with Yvonne, decided to start their own B Corp certified company: the meaningful experience agency, Wildwon. Sally regularly speaks about sustainability, entrepreneurship, community-building and experience as a catalyst for social change.  A natural super-connector, she curates the program for Purpose, is always connecting ideas and people, making introductions and up for a big conversation about a new idea. Amongst all of this, Sally likes to go on long hikes exploring nature and letting her mind unwind and wander. She’s passionate about ‘rewilding’ and protecting nature as she believes that we are all at our happiest and most inspired when we’re in the natural world.


Lauren Anseline

Experience Designer

Lauren has worked across many fields including branding, fashion, photography, visual, and experiential design. She studied a Masters of Design Anthropology where she first fell in love with human centred design and the value of truly understanding human needs. She landed at Wildwon in 2015 where she leads design research which encompasses understanding the human needs of the project and collaborating with all stakeholders so as to integrate needs, motivations, behaviours and concerns. As a result, Lauren creates a holistic solution that is intrinsically centred on the experience of the people it will effect. She also develops spatial designs for our events which include installations and theming that surprise and delight. Lauren’s motivations come from wanting to understand human experience and to create interactions that are most suited to diverse communities. Her inspiration comes from human psychology, science fiction, gardening and and hiking in the vast Australian wilderness.

Lauren Anseline

Laura Carroll

Senior Producer

Born in the UK and brought up in New Zealand, Laura is Wildwon’s star Senior Producer. Looking to grow her experience in the events sector, she moved to Sydney four years ago and has since fallen in love with the city’s unique mix of urban and natural landscape. She has worked for global commercial brands, not for profits, educational institutions, tech companies and start-ups. Laura loves seeing projects from concept through to completion and works across every aspect of an event from strategy and creative to digital and physical execution. Already an expert in producing beautiful and exciting events, Laura has now added an expertise in sustainability to her skill set. Her inspiration comes from her time outdoors in nature, and from documentaries and books which have driven her desire for a purpose-driven career path.


Gillian Moran

Creative Lead

Gillian is Wildwon’s Creative Lead. With ten years experience under her belt working in advertising and small boutique agencies she has fine tuned an impressive portfolio spanning branding, print, digital, web, app and interaction design, spatial and events, strategy and human-centered design. As our Creative Lead Gil is in charge of branding and design from concept to final art, overseeing everything visual, from small social media items to big event spatial designs to ensure a consistent brand voice runs through all of our work. She thrives on using her design skills to make positive change in the world, and loves working with our likeminded clients to find the best solutions for all their design needs.

Gillian Moran
Rebecca Pettit

Rebecca Pettit

Associate Producer

Rebecca, or Bec, as she likes to be called, joined Wildwon as a volunteer and quickly became a key member of the team.  She has worked across a wide variety of projects including large scale events, programming, workshops and branding while at Wildwon. Bec is able to focus on the big picture across all Wildwon projects, but is also detail oriented which ensures projects are delivered on time and on budget. She enjoys getting hands on with the creative team and being involved with different members of the team all the way through the creative process. She has a wicked, sometimes weird, sense of humour and is studying a Master of Urban Design.


Yvonne Lee


Wildwon was co-founded in 2012 by Yvonne Lee and Sally Hill. Yvonne was a powerful creative force who believed in the power of great experiences to create lasting change. She was key to the creation of Wildwon’s unique approach which brings UX and service design methodologies to the world of event design. Von contributed vast amounts of energy helping to bring Wildwon to life and produced key projects such as Progress, Link Festival and Purpose. Tragically, Von passed away in late 2016. She is sorely missed by the team however her legacy lives in Wildwon’s work. To this day Yvonne’s essence and intelligence remains infused in Wildwon’s unique style, culture and creative process.


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